Hi. I’m AJ Nguyen – a multidisciplinary designer based in Saigon (HCMC).
I’m interested in graphic design, specifically in brand identity and print media.
Firstly, I want to send many thanks to A N H – my designer friend who had built up the original concept and initial version of my logo in the early of this year (2015). Based on her design, I had developed the logo with thicker lines and reduced elements.
The logo is created from the my name AJ. From these two letters, a smiling face is formed, which represents me.
The logo is constructed with basic elements of design: dots, lines and geometric shapes.
To add characteristics to the logo, I also develop the logo-series, including four faces with the eyeball moving around. It illustrates myself – always look around, capture new / interesting things and eager to learn. The logo-series works on both landscape and portrait.
Nexa font was chosen to be Heading typeface. Its straight lines and perfect circles (in both letters & glyphs) fit well with the construction of the logo. Helvetica font family is used for all context thanks to its readability & legibility.
For colors, I choose my favorite combination: Pink & Blue.
Printed Portfolio